Veevart for auction houses


VEEVART FOR Auction houses

Auction Houses helps the Art industry to sustain their vibrant and exciting ambience, as well as a crucial tool for Art Collectors to acquire their objects.  Veevart is here to provide them with the best and simplest technology that will allow them to automate their operations.  Have your customers, your auctions, your bids, and your business history at your finger tips.


Manage your activities anytime and anywhere, in a secure application

From the sourcing of your lots to their promotion, Veevart is an application that enables you to work where you need to, when you need to


Embrace every digital opportunity

Online sales, digital presentation of your lots and catalogues, inventory on iPads. You can use our platform to easily improve your operations


Benefit from a reliable and secure technology

Manage your auctions and store your data with the most reliable technology: Salesforce




Customer Relationship Management

We enable you to provide a great user experience to your buyers, sellers and prospects. A 360° visibility over your customer's journey will enable you to launch efficient marketing campaigns, maximize your sales revenue, and increase your customer loyalty

Lot Management

You benefit from both a mobile and a tablet app through which you can showcase your lots and catalogues as well as work on your inventories. You can also store prospects lots in order to facilitate sourcing for your upcoming auctions

Live, Silent, Private Auction Management

Source lots, edit automated documents, prepare your exhibition and promote your activities before the auction. Manage your event in real time, tracking participation, and getting instant reporting on the performance of the auction

Online Auction

Our online capabilities enable you to do both live and online only auctions. You can manage this distribution channel through Veevart, improve your visibility and avoid commissions from third parties

Mobile application to showcase and share your catalogs and lots

Present and share your lots and catalogs from your iPad and iPhone, anytime, anywhere. Veevart’s catalog and lot application is free, connected in realtime to your backoffice and works with and without internet

Website Management

We enable you to easily manage 100% of your content through Veevart: lots, auctions, exhibitions, etc.

Email Marketing

All your data can be used to send personalized emails. We connect to most email providers like MailChimp and ConstantContact

Reports & Dashboards

Buyers' and sellers' data, department performance, expenses vs. revenue of each auction etc., reports & dashboards enable you to track whatever information you are interested in. Get the information you need in real time, sent directly to your inbox



We keep it simple.  Veevart brings the best technology at an affordable price: