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Veevart Collection Management Tutorials

This page seeks to provide you with helpful videos that will show you how Veevart handles our different Collection Management Functionalities.

Uploading Complex Artworks

Effortlessly upload intricate artworks with this guide, simplifying the process for managing and showcasing complex pieces.

Generating a list of Artworks

Efficiently compile a list of artworks using this guide, streamlining the process of generating comprehensive art inventories.

Shopify Art Galleries

Enhance your art gallery online with Shopify integration—unlock seamless operations and increased visibility.

Collection Management

Fuel your institution with Veevart—unlocking seamless collection management and more!

Collection Management WEBSITE

Explore Collection Management on your website with our streamlined interface.

Mobile Artwork Proposals

Empower sales on the go with 'Mobile Artwork Proposals,' enabling you to sell seamlessly from your mobile device.

Managing Artworks

Efficiently handle and organize artworks with our streamlined Artwork Management solution.

Veevart Tutorial - Creating an Artwork

Master artwork creation with our concise Veevart tutorial

Creating Transport from Transaction

In this video, learn the step-by-step process for artwork movement and delivery.

Collection App

Presenting the Collection App and all its features.

Private Showroom

This tutorial guides you through creating your virtual Private Showroom and exploring its functions.

Art Proposal to Transaction Conversion

In this video, you will learn how to convert an Art Proposal to Transaction Conversion

Customize Print List and Artwork Printout Structure

Learn to customize your Print List and Artwork Printout structure in this quick video tutorial.