VEEVART FOR DESIGN STUDIOs and architecture practices

Design Studio and Architecture Practices are the perfect mix of Art and Business.  Things need to be beautiful and work!  Veevart is here to support their efforts by allowing them to manage their business and their assets in the most popular and reliable cloud platform in the world.


Manage the activities of your studio in a single application

Manage the activities of your studio in a single application


Access to your information anytime and anywhere

With Veevart you can work from your phone, tablet, or computer


Achieve your goals

Whether you want to improve your CRM, your project management, or your marketing, Veevart helps you reach your goals




Contact Management

Veevart means a well-organized client database. You are now able to track your clients and editors, see who sells your products and manage your royalties

Inventory Management & Archiving

Pictures, videos, documents, and important information are at your fingertips and securely stored in the cloud. The application helps you organize your activities and enables you to beautifully showcase your objects and projects on iPads

Royalties & Expense Management

The application helps you to quickly and easily track your expenses and royalties while simultaneously managing your operations. Run reports, compare costs against sales and have a clear vision of where you stand

Email Marketing

All your data can be used to send personalized emails. We connect to most email providers such as MailChimp and ConstantContact

Website Creation & Management

We create beautiful websites to display your projects and everything that matters to your studio. The application also supports your online store

Exhibitions and logistics activities

Manage your exhibitions, loans and transportation. Your team can collaborate and work together on making all your projects a success

Reports & Dashboards

Tracking of your royalties, email statistics, providing an overview of your projects, etc. Reports & dashboards enable you to track whatever information you are interested in. They are in real time, easy to use, and can be sent automatically to your inbox