Free (and Discounts) on Technology for Museums and Cultural Institutions

If you are a Cultural Institution or a Museum, and you have a nonprofit status, lots of technology companies are giving you a hand. Hopefully you know about it and you have taken care of these advantages. But if you are not, here are some of the best offers out there for you:


Salesforce is arguable, the best CRM platform in the market. Through their 1% Pledge, the Salesforce Foundation provides 10 free licenses for all non-profits. Veevart has partnered with the Foundation in order to ensure that Museums and Cultural institutions not only take care of this amazing resource, but in order to complete this with the basics that a Museum or Cultural Institution needs (website integration, ticketing, shop and rentals). For more information on the 10 free licenses from Salesforce visit


Google will provide non-profits with the basic version of their G-Suite. This includes emails for your teams, as well as access to Google Drive, Sheets, Google Docs and all their amazing business tools. For more information visit their page.

Microsoft 365:

If you are more a Microsoft person than Google, you can get a similar deal from Microsoft. Visit their page to see what is available for you


Mailchimp will provide your organization with a 15% discount as a non-profit. To submit a request for a nonprofit discount, use their contact form and select Billing. Under Billing, select Non-Profit Discount Requests, and click Access our contact form. The approval process varies depending on your location.

Square Up Processing:

Last time we checked, Square had special pricing for nonprofits. Do not hesitate to contact them to see what they can do for your organization. They will probably provide the appropriate discounts based on your processing volume.

Once you have taken advantage of all these resources, now you have to make them work for your organization. This means integrating them with your website, with your payment processing and doing the automations that your cultural institution needs.

Discover how integrating these tools can change the game for your cultural institution with Veevart. Click here to schedule your demo and start your free trial.

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