Veevart for art galleries

Manage your Art Galley as never before and take it to the next level




Art galleries and art merchants are the passionate risk takers, one of the more important parts of our culture producing chain.  Veevart is here to provide them with the best and simplest technology to allow them to succeed.  Have your customers, your inventory, your business history and your website at your finger tips.

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The best cloud platform to manage your gallery

Have your contacts, your sales, your email, inventory, exhibition preparation, and more in a single app. Your Art Gallery is at your fingertips


Access your information anytime and anywhere

To be the best in their field, gallerists must have simple and constant access to the information they need


Set your goals

Not all galleries have the same objectives in terms of client management, communication etc. We work with you in order to bring an efficient answer to all your challenges




Contact Management

Veevart means a well-organized client database. You are now able to track your all your collectors and prospective clients, see their purchase histories and receive an automatic report on who may be interested in your inventory

Artworks and Inventory Management

Pictures, videos, documents, and other information are at your fingertips and securely stored in the cloud. The application helps you organize activities around your inventory and is connected in real time to the iPad & iPhone Collection Application

iPad and iPhone application to showcase and share your artworks

Present and share your artworks and exhibitions whenever you want, from your iPad or iPhone. Veevart’s Collection application is free, connected in realtime to your inventory and works with or without internet

Art Transaction Management

The application enables you to manage different stages of transactions, and produce invoices and certificates. It also supports online sales and multi-artwork transactions

Exhibitions and logistics activities

Exhibitions, loans and transports are linked to your inventory. Your team can collaborate and make a success out of all your projects

Email Marketing

All your data can be used to send personalized emails. We connect to most email providers such as MailChimp and ConstantContact

Website Creation & Management

We create beautiful websites that make your artworks shine and display everything that matters to your gallery. Online shop is coming soon!

Reports & Dashboards

Sales tracking, email statistics, overview of your team performance, etc., reports & dashboards enable you to track whatever information you are interested in. They are always in real time, easy to use, and can be sent automatically to your inbox