Veevart Ticketing & POS System

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Whether you charge for your tickets or not, tracking your visitors is key to track engagement, and ensure and secure memberships and donations efforts. Veevart makes ticketing beautiful, simple, and easy, backed by powerful reporting.

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Whether you are setting free tickets, tickets with membership discount, price limits, time and capacity tickets, Veevart got you covered. And you don’t need to be Einstein either - click on manage tickets, enter the main options, and create different pricing for your audiences and members. Then, simply publish on your website.


Veevart Ticketing Online and onsite

We provide plug-and-play widgets that can get your ticketing online up and running in no time, respecting your brand identity. You can also use our web services to integrate with other platforms

Ticketing Online and onsite


Manage and sell tickets to the public online and onsite easily. Automatically adjust ticket prices depending on the visitor's membership. It is easy, you don’t need a PhD.

Exhibition events online


Group Ticketing Made Easy

Take back your time and forget about the back and forth with schools and other organizations. Set up the dates and times for groups to schedule their own tours.

  • Customize your forms
  • Post a link to your event on your website
  • Add resources and locations to your group
  • Automatically see events on the calendar
Group Ticketing online


Recognize your visitors and their memberships

Memberships usually provide benefits reflected on the ticket price. When the member identifies itself through her/his email or membership id, we provide the correct price and even allow them to upgrade their existing membership.

Ticket membership recognition


Tracking attendance

Some tickets are sold or given, but they are never confirmed. Veevart allows you to scan the tickets, confirm attendance and track the areas they visited

Museum visitors check-in


All your events in one place

See in a calendar view all the tickets, groups and rentals for the organization. A simple click, and you are right at the record you were looking for.

Museum event calendar online


Manage the Discounts you need

Membership Discounts and custom discounts are available. We work non-stop on delivering more discount functionalities that can meet all your ticketing needs.

Membership Discounts and custom discounts


Make your tickets available in the languages your visitors and community need

You are able to support the languages of your visitors and your community. Our system automatically detects the user browser settings and presents the online ticketing page in the language of their preference

Ticketing multilingual support


Get the reporting you need

Total Visitation, Visitation per Exhibit, Members without attendance, Sales per Category, Best Selling Items, Worst Sellers, Inventory Levels - with Salesforce standard reporting, sky is the limit.

Powerful ticketing reporting


Integrate your Merchants

Whether is online, on your computer, or in person, pick your Credit Card Processor with confidence, and do not worry: we have already taken care of the integration

Stripe payment integration
Square payment integration
Adyen payment integration


More than just a ticketing application

With Veevart you are automatically building and managing your visitor database within the most powerful CRM platform available: Salesforce. And our additional functionalities for membership management and fundraising management come without additional fees