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The Essential Guide to Training and Continuous Development

Discover the vital role of training and continuous development in leveraging management software for museums to enhance operations and ensure a smooth transition to modern platforms.

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What does a good museum management system look like?

Choose the museum management software that best suits the needs of your museum or cultural institution. Find out what to consider when purchasing museum software.

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‘A Modest Proposal’ an exhibition at Hauser & Wirth

14 artworks remind visitors that this summer you can find a place where there is something more about the body than selling sunscreen and swimming suits.

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Why more museums should have an online ticketing application

Selling tickets online helps museums provide greater access to visitors, it enables them to better anticipate visitors fluctuations, and to make the best of their daily operations.

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CRM at the MoMA: A few facts worth sharing from their experience

When they decided to implement Salesforce as their CRM platform in 2011, the MoMA was really a pioneer.

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Free (and Discounts) on Technology for Museums and Cultural Institutions

Free Software for Museums and Cultural Institutions

4 Tips for Elevating Fundraising Systems for Museums

In this blog, we will give four important tips to improve your museum fundraising systems. This includes making your online presence better and getting donors more involved.

Strategic Planning for Museums and Cultural Institutions

At the end of 2023, we hosted a Strategic Planning for Museums and Cultural Institutions workshop. We've talked to a few directors and want to share their experiences, along with the lessons we've learned from our own planning.

Love Letter #7: Heroes are meant to be transformed

Our CEO, Antonio Velasco, shares in this letter insights from 'Building a Story Brand,' emphasizing transformative paths in sales, marketing, implementation, and customer success at Veevart.

Love Letter #6: Your brain is fu*&%ing with you

In this letter, Veevart's CEO, Antonio Velasco, reflects on achieving excellence and efficiency in work and life, offering tips on strategic intent, time management, and critical thinking.

Love Letter #5: Areas of Focus for 2024

In this letter, we'll cover Veevart's financial goals for this new year, new revenue streams, and key focus areas for 2024, including addressing churn, improving speed, and enhancing communication.

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Love Letter #4: OKRs, the guidelines

The purpose of this letter is to walk you through the process of creating your OKRs, along with some thoughts you should have in mind, and my own process on creating mine.

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Love Letter #3: Core Values 2.0

It has been a while since I have been feeling that there is a disconnect between our behaviors and our core values. For those who don’t know the history of the company, we started without any north (mission and vision), just cranking out functionalities that we could sell to the customers we wanted to reach.

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Love Letter #2

The other day someone posted on LinkedIn about the two characteristics that each good hire should have: Trustworthy and Enthusiasm...

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A love letter to my team: The thing that happens while you grow

We reach the 50 people milestone in our company recently. Your worries at this stage are different than the ones you had when you were starting with your band of 4 cats.

High Output Management Blog

High Output Management - A now old book with timeless principles

This blog discusses the challenges of management, especially in a growing company, and reflects on the timeless principles presented in Andrew S. Grove's book.