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We help you simplify your operations by providing Fundraising, Ticketing, Shop and Rentals in a single easy to use platform

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Veevart for museums and Cultural Institutions

Never in our time has society needed more places of consensus, observation, discussion and tolerance. Places where past, imagination, creativity, science and knowledge mix in order to provide the visitor and the community clean air to live, breath and prosper.

Veevart is here to support those places and the wonderful people that make them a reality. Built on top of the powerful Salesforce platform, we provide institutions with a 360º view of their visitors and donor, while focusing our development efforts in helping you raise more funding, engage with your community, and work simpler and faster

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Veevart is a Salesforce-based all in one platform for museums and cultural institutions to engage with their audience, optimize their operations saving time, increasing efficiency and achieving better results in order to create wildly successful nonprofits and cultural institutions

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Veevart's features are carefully
developed to help museums and
cultural institutions simplify their
operations and achieve their strategic

Integrate to your tools

With Veevart you don't have to worry about your marketing, shop, or electronic payments integrations because we already take care of it.

Keep it simple. Keep it in one place.

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Our goal is to provide museums with the latest in innovation, at an affordable price, and with the best support. We work with museums and their budgets so they can take their operations to the next level and fulfill their mission. Contact us to start the conversation.