Have the Shop Item 360º view: who bought it, manage discounts, replenishment orders, adjustments, etc. Get low stock alerts, and pay commissions based on sales. Also, be prompted when members have arrived so you can provide the right discounts and the excellent experience they deserve

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With Shop you will be able to create and manage your shop items, generate sales purchases, and stock replenishment orders.

With Shop you will be able to create and manage your shop items, generate sales purchases, and stock replenishment orders.


Create and manage Shop Items

Creating Shop Items was never this easy. You can manage stock replenishment orders, purchase orders, adjustments and more. 

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Clean Stock Management

Our platform will allow you to create individual stock replenishment orders or mass purchase orders. Keep track of the vendors, the dates in which orders were made, and whether or not they arrived complete and on time. Also, print these orders for your own records

Screenshot of a shop item replenishment orders


Easy Inventory Procedures

Perform your inventory procedures in an easy way and update real stock with just the push of a button

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— Discounts

Manage Discounts

Member discounts, discounts per periods and times, discounts on categories or individual items. With Veevart you can use your creativity to ensure your shop performs the way it needs to

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Optimize your Marketing Strategy for your Shop

Use both the online and in-store purchase history of your contacts. Understand their segmentation and market the items that make more sense to them. This is all possible because, with Veevart, everything is connected

Optimize your Marketing Strategy for your Shop


Sell shop items online

With our Shopify integration, you can use the best in class platform to sell your items online, without having to keep track of two different inventories. Every transaction done online is reflected in Veevart

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Gift Cards

Sell gift cards so your constituents can use it for memberships, donations, tickets, and items on your shop. The perfect gift for every ocassion

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All the reporting you need

We provide you with pre-built reports and dashboards: Keep track of everything related to the store. Need more? Don't worry, you can create your own reports and export them to Excel if you need to.

Computer image with the Shop Dashboard