Veevart Museum Accounting

Accounting for Museums

At Veevart we understand the accounting needs of cultural institutions and how important it is to have accurate tracking of their different sources of income. That is why we provide all the important financials metrics that your accountant needs, and integrations to platforms such as Quickbooks and Sage

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With Veevart, keep your record of business transactions in our transaction journals, view journal entry history, credit entries, debit entries, activity related to the entry, and more details of the transaction.


Easy and Accurate Reporting for all the Organization

Veevart provides amazing reporting regarding fundraising, payment assignment to capital campaigns, ticketing, shop, and rentals. This includes earned and unearned income.

Powerful Accounting reporting


Integrate your tools

Veevart sends the transaction journals every night to your favorite Accounting platform, saving hours of unnecessary work. These are some of our Accounting integrations.

Quickbooks and sage integration


Understand how you are receiving income

Track Credit Card payments, checks, cash, and even create your custom method of payments. Have a clear understanding of the stream originating them and to what accounting GL code they are going

Museum Payment Types


Income Sources

Have a clear picture of what is producing more revenue for your organization. If it is tickets, what event or exhibition. If it is memberships, which one. If it is from the shop, what are the items bringing more revenue.

Museum income sources


Earned and Unearned Revenue

Whether is rentals or tickets, track earned vs unearned money. Once the day of the event has passed, our system will take care of passing the money to your accounting platform.

Museum Earned and Unearned Revenue



Have a clear picture of the pledges in the future. Track the dates when they are due, and the people that need to be contacted. Understanding and managing cashflow is everything!

Museum Pledges